Accident Prevention

[Rental Car Guide] Please read this carefully before starting to drive.

1, Changing the rental conditions

  • If you want to change the return time or the return location, be sure to contact the original rental shop in advance.
    (It may not be possible to change the conditions.)
  • Late return > A separate late penalty will be charged.
  • Early return > If a refund is due, the money will be refunded after deducting the specified midterm cancellation handling fee.
  • If drop-off fees are generated or increased due to the change in the return location, you will be charged the difference.

2, Traffic rules

  • Drive on the left side of the road. Obey all traffic signals, traffic signs, and road markings while driving.
  • The use of a mobile phone while driving is illegal.
  • All occupants are legally required to wear seatbelts while in the vehicle. Always wear your seatbelt.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal.

    Children aged less than 6 years are required by law to sit in child safety seats. Inform the staff of the rental shop if you intend to drive with a child aged less than 6 as a passenger.

    Every 24 hours 540 yen (including tax)
    48 hours or longer 1,620 yen (including tax)

3, Gasoline

  • Fuel fee (gasoline fee)
    We rent our vehicles with a full tank, so please return the rental car with a full tank.
    We regard a "full tank" as one that has been filled with the fuel pump nozzle inserted all the way into the tank, and fuel then pumped to the point where the pump stops automatically.
    It is dangerous if the tank is overfilled to the point where it spits out gasoline. Once the pump has stopped, do not attempt to "top off" the tank.
    When you return, please bring your gasoline station receipts.
  • If, due to unavoidable circumstances, you cannot return the vehicle with a full tank, you will be charged a separate fee based on the vehicle's odometer reading.

4, Illegal parking

If you receive a citation for illegal parking during the rental period, please go immediately to the specified police station and pay any required fines. Please submit the payment certificate and receipt that you receive after completing the procedures to the rental shop when you return the vehicle. If we cannot confirm that you have paid the fine when you return the rental car, you will be charged for the illegal parking fine.
Illegal parking fine *For each incidence: 25,000 yen

5,Insurance and compensation system

These are based on our Rental Clause. Note that for accidents that violate our Rental Clause, accidents corresponding to the immunity clauses in insurance clause, and accidents for which an accident certificate issued by the police has not been obtained, all damages will be paid by the customer. If you purchase insurance under the collision damage waiver system, you are exempted from paying any deductible for properly or vehicle compensation, as indicated by an asterisk (*) in the table below.
Collision damage waiver fee 1,080 yen (including tax) / Every 24 hours


  • Personal Injury Protection
    Up to 30 million yen per person (fatal accidents)
    Compensation of injuries (including physical impairment and death) incurred by a passenger as the result of a car accident shall be made regardless of the driver's percentage of fault.
    (Limit: 30 million yen: The total amount of damages, including medical expenses, shall be determined based on the terms of the applicable insurance policy.)
  • Property Damage Liability
    Unlimited per accident(*deductible of 50,000yen)
  • Bodily Injury Liability
    Unlimited per person (includes compulsory automotive liability insurance)
  • Vehicle Insurance
    Up to the current vehicle cost per accident (50,000 yen/100,000 yen for vehicles such as microbuses)

Main items not covered by compensation

  • Cases in which the driver does not report an accident to the police or does not contact the rental shop (including out-of-court settlements without our permission)
  • Reckless driving (causing, for example, an intentional accident)
  • Accident that occurs while the driver is driving without a license, under the influence of alcohol, or under the influence of any other substance.
  • Accident that occurs when the vehicle is being driven by a driver other than the person named in rental contact
  • Accident that is attributed to the other party
  • Accident that occurs after the rental period while the vehicle is still in the possession of the renter without our permission
  • Tire repair/replacement costs in the event of a tire blowout
  • Loss of a hubcap or accessory
  • Defacement of the vehicle interior

6, Charges paid by the customer in an accident

If an accident occurs, items (1) to (3) below will be paid by the customer. Note that if you do not report the accident to the police, your costs will not be covered by insurance.

(1) Insurance deductible

The customer will pay the deductible that is not covered by the insurance.
Property compensation 50,000 yen
Vehicle compensation 50,000 yen
If you purchase insurance under the collision damage waiver system, you are exempted from making the deductible payments.
Collision damage waiver fee 1,080 yen (including tax) / Every 24 hours

(2) Damages that exceed the insurance coverage limit

The customer will pay for damages that exceed the insurance coverage limit, or when the insurance benefit is not paid.
    Passenger : Damages that exceed bodily injury compensation of 30 million yen per person
  • When the insurance benefit is not paid because the driver was driving under the influence of alcohol, or for some other reason
If vehicle repair or cleaning is required due to the occurrence of an accident, theft, breakdown, contamination, offensive odors or any other reason, the customer will pay the following charges as compensation for lost business during the repair or cleaning period.
Note that the NOC must be paid even if you purchase insurance under the collision damage waiver system.
  • Vehicle returned by the customer to the planned location (vehicle can be driven)
    20,000 yen (tax-exempt)
  • Vehicle returned by the customer to the planned location (vehicle can not be drive)
    50,000 yen (tax-exempt)

7, Changing the rental conditions *Also contact the original rental shop if a breakdown or other problem occurs.

Help any
injured persons

Call an ambulance
call an ambulance 119
Contact the police
Do not forget to obtain an accident certificate!
contact the police 110
Contact the original rental shop

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Detailed issues not included here will be dealt with as described in our Rental Clause