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20% to 40% discount on TOUR FIT, including CDW

Welcome to JR Rent a car HokkaidoReal time booking system.

Booking and save to 20~40% now, and pay later.
Best price and condition guaranteed.

All included price (No hidden option)
- Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
- insuarance
- ETC card rental
- Free 4WD at winter season (if you need)

Pick-up location*  Location
Return location*  Location

If you wish to return your vehicle to a location different from pick-up location,

A fixed one-way additional fee is chargeable

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Reservation should be made by 11:59 am one day before.

Return date and time*
Car class* Class List
Since the baggage to be packed in the trunk is decided by class, be sure to press the button on the Class List to check it.
No. of persons* Adult Child
C.D.W(Collision Damage Waiver)*
This is a system for reimbursing deductibles charged to rental customers (property damage 50,000 yen, vehicle 50,000 yen) in the event of an accident.
Navigation system fee
Child seat fee
(reservation required)
(fee payable)
Types Height Weight age Rental Fee
Baby seat (babies)
70cm Under 10kg Until
12 months
550 yen
(per 24hrs)

1,650 yen
Child seat (infants)
100cm 9-18kg From
6 months to
4 years
Junior seat (schoolchildren)
135cm 15-36kg From
4 to 10 years
Other option fee
(reservation required)
(fee payable)
4WD Per day (24hrs) 0 yen
Carrier Carrier
1,100 yen
Studless tires Studless tires are equipped during the winter season.
For details, please inquire at the time of reservation.
Additional optional
  insurance coverage
An NOC fee is charged as compensation for vehicle's loss
of use during repair or cleaning
select this optional insurance coverage for NOC waiver
at 550 yen per day (24 hours).
What is NOC?
select this optional coverage at
550 yen oer day for reliable service in case of vehicle
problems (emergency repairs for flat tire; free towing
distance of up to 15km)
*Terms & conditions apply. Refer to <JAF Websaite for information> serect this package for savings.)
NOC insurance coverage + JAF service at 880 yen per day ( 24 hours ))
Traffic Rules
Traffic Rules in Japan
To know information on Traffic Rules in Japan, please click on the link below.
Traffic Rules Infomation
One-way Additional Fee
One-way fees are not charged within the same block. However,
the following fees will be charged between blocks (Units: yen, inc. tax)
11,000 Sapporo            
11,000 1,100 Chitose            
8,800 3,300 3,300 Muroran          
13,200 6,600 7,700 8,800 Asahikawa        
13,200 11,000 12,100 13,200 11,000 Wakkanai Airport      
13,200 11,000 12,100 13,200 8,800 11,000 Kitami      
13,200 8,800 8,800 11,000 8,800 11,000 8,800 Obihiro    
13,200 11,000 11,000 12,100 11,000 11,000 6,600 6,600 Kusiro  
3,300 13,200 13,200 12,100 13,200 13,200 13,200 13,200 13,200 Kikonai
One-way rental reservations cannot be made via internet for offices marked with a (*).
Block Office handling
Hakodate Hakodate, Hakodate Airport, Shin-Hakodate Hokuto
Sapporo Sapporo, Otaru(4/25-10/30)
Chitose New Chitose Airport, Tomakomai
Muroran Higashi Muroran, Noboribetsu, Toya
Asahikawa Asahikawa, Asahikawa Airport, Furano・Biei(4/27-9/30)
Wakkanai Airport Wakkanai Airport
Kitami Kitami, Abashiri, Memanbetsu Airport
Obihiro Obihiro, Obihiro Airport
Kushiro Kushiro, Kushiro Airport
Kikonai Kikonai
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