Parking Violations

In recent years, crackdown on parking violations is being enforced in Japan. Please refrain from parking in areas where parking or stopping is prohibited (indicated by traffic signs on the right) When parking vehicles, please make use of hourly parking or parking lots of your hotel.

If an Illegal Parking Sticker is affixed to your vehicle

Complete the following procedures before returning the vehicle

(1) Report to the police station indicated on the sticker and complete the designated procedures.
(2) Pay the fine.

You will be requested to submit the Traffic Violation Notice, payment certificate, and receipt upon drop-off.

If completion of payment cannot be confirmed at the time of drop-off

The following fee (parking violation fine) will be charged per case of illegal parking

Regular class 25,000 yen
Medium-size class 30,000 yen

This fee will be returned in its entirety once the customer has reported to the police station, paid the fine, and submitted the payment certificate and receipt under the designated procedures (customer is to bear the cost of the bank transfer fee).

In case a customer fails to respond to a notice of violation or parking violation fine, the customer's information will be submitted to the police and the necessary procedures to pursuing the customer's responsibility will be taken. The case will also be reported to the All Japan Rent-A-Car Association, which may result in the customer being disqualified from future use of car rental services by members of the association.

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