User Guide


  • Online booking is available 6 months prior to the car pick-up date.
  • All bookings will be closed 2 days before (12nn) prior to the car pick-up date.
  • Please entre the name of the driver for reservation.
  • Specific car types cannot be selected by booking.
  • If you choose not to join the liability compensation fee while booking online or calculating through the simulation page, the car rates showed will exclude of liability compensation fee.

2Reply to your Reservations

  • Depending on the booking date, location and car type, you will receive a booking confirmation instantly or within one working day after booking.
  • You will receive a notification if your booking is confirmed at the time of booking.
  • Your mail security settings maybe one of the causes for not receiving the reply email notification. Please check your mail settings and all email boxes before making inquiry calls.

3Edit or Cancel Reservations

Cancellation can be made by 12nn one day before the booking date at the website top page. Please contact us by 12nn one day before the booking date for any changes. For urgent booking changes, please directly contact the booking location.

For no show or cancellation without notice, the cancellation fee will be applied as stated while booking. The maximum cancellation fee is JPY 6,600 (tax included)

7 days before departureFree
3-6days before departure20% of total rental car fee
1-2 days before departure30% of total rental car fee
On car pick-up date and later50% of total rental car fee

4Change of Time

  • For change of time before departure, please proceed according to the guidelines stated above.
  • For change of time after departure, please call the rental car location directly. If you keep using the car over the rental period without notice, insurance could not be covered for any accidents happened during the extended period.

    Extension of car booking days or time may not be available if the request is made on or after the car pick-up date.

  • Shortening time or days of the car booking is acceptable and the difference of the total car rental fee will be refunded.

    Handling Charge
    Basic rates of the rental period – final car rental times X 50%

5Child Seat

Children under 6 years old are required to be seated on child seats. Please request a child seat at the time of booking. Child seat may not be available if it is not reserved at the time of booking. For 4WD, please make the request at the time of booking. The child seat supply for 4WD is limited, it may not available all the time.

Additional charges may apply for special arrangements, please check options for more information.

Baby seat 70cm10kg below0 to 12months old
Child seat 100cm9~18kg6moths-4years old
Junior seat 135cm15~36kg4-10years old

Rental fee: JPY 550/per day, JPY 1,100/2days, JPY 1,650/3days or above


All locations in Hokkaido accept payment by credit card.
Cash payment requires the following identity proof.

Airport car rental shop only accept credit card payment.

◎Personal identity with address identification:

  • Passport
  • VISA permit

Consumer tax is included in the rental car fee.




7Quick Check-In

For efficiency car departure, please make all requests for extra service online or by phone at the booking. Check out more information here.


Gasoline tank is fully filled at the time of pick-up, please return it with a full tank as well. If the gasoline tank is not full at the time of return, charges will apply according to our price list, which is more expensive than the market price.

9Insurance, Compensation Liability System and Insurance Cost Covered by Customer

A leased vehicle include the following limited amount of insurance. But the customer is responsible for the total amount in any of the disclaimers.

Insurance Insurance contents Customer's Deductible in an Accident
Bodily injury liabilityUnlimited per person (compulsory automotive liability insurance included)
Property Damage LiabilityUnlimited per accident (*deductible of JPY 50,000)
Personal Injury Protection
  • Up to JPY 30 million per person (fatal accidents)
  • Compensation of injuries (including physical impairment and death) incurred by a passenger as a result of a car accident shall be made regardless of the driver's extent of fault.
    (Limit: JPY 30 million: The total amount of damages, including medical expenses, shall be determined based on the terms of the applicable insurance policy.)
Vehicle Insurance Up to the current vehicle cost per accident (*deductible of JPY 50,000)

Main items not covered by the compensation (All disclaimers/common insurance)

  • Cases that the driver does not report the accident to the police or does not contact the rental office (including out-of-court settlements without our permission)
  • Reckless driving (causing, for example, an intentional accident)
  • Accidents that occur while the driver is driving without a license, under the influence of alcohol, or under the influence of any other substances.
  • Accidents that occur when the vehicle is being driven by a driver other than the person named in rental contact.
  • Accidents attributed to another party.
  • Accidents that occurs after the rental period when the vehicle is still in the possession of the renter without our permission.
  • Tire repair/replacement costs in the event of a tire blowout.
  • Loss of a hubcap or accessories.
  • Defacement of the vehicle interior.

10C.D.W. (Collision Damage Waiver) System (participation optional)

In case of an accident, we compensate it for the customer based on the table above if the customer has paid the C.D.W.(Collision Damage Waiver) rate of JPY 1,100/ 24hrs (tax included) before departure.

It does not applied to any of the disclaimers in the insurance article.

11Non Operation Charge

If vehicle repair or cleaning is required due to the occurrence of an accident, theft, breakdown, contamination, offensive odors or any other reasons, the customer will pay the following charges as compensation for the suspended service during the repair or cleaning period.

Note that the NOC must be paid even if you have purchased insurance under the C.D.W. system.

Vehicle can be drivenJPY 20,000
Vehicle cannot be drivenJPY 50,000
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